MURI Investigators
Willsky, Alan S

Affiliation: MIT
Phone: 617) 253-2356, Fax: (617) 258-8364

Research Interests:
Development of efficient algorithms for signal and image processing problems.

Alan S. Willsky is a Professor in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT which he joined in 1973, and leads the Stochastic Systems Group. The group maintains an average of 10-12 graduate students, one Research Scientist and one post-doctoral fellow. From 1974 to 1981, Dr. Willsky served as Assistant Director of the M.I.T. Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems. He is an IEEE fellow. He is also a founder and member of the board of directors of Alphatech, Inc. In 1975, he received the Donald P. Eckman Award from the American Automatic Control Council. Dr. Willsky has held visiting positions at Imperial College, London, L\'Universite de Paris-Sud, and the Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systemes Aleatoires in Rennes, France. He has served as a co-organizer of International Conferences and workshops, and as an associate editor of several IEEE and mathematical journals and as special guest editor of the first special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory on Wavelet Transforms and Multiresolution Signal Analysis in July 1992. Dr. Willsky is the author of the research monograph Digital Signal Processing and Control and Estimation Theory and is co-author of the widely used undergraduate text Signals and Systems. He was awarded the 1979 Alfred Noble Prize by the ASCE and the 1980 Browder J. Thompson Memorial Prize Award by the IEEE for a paper excerpted from his monograph. Dr. Willsky\'s present research interests are in problems involving multidimensional and multiresolution estimation and imaging, and particularly in the development and application of advanced methods of estimation and statistical signal and image processing. Methods he has developed have been successfully applied in a wide variety of applications including failure detection in high-performance aircraft, advanced surveillance and tracking systems, electrocardiogram analysis, computerized tomography, and remote sensing.

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